• Next Round: Why St. Agrestis Bet on Boxed Cocktails With Louis Catizone

    1 month ago - By Vine Pair

    On this episode of “Next Round,” host Adam Teeter chats with Louie Catizone, co-owner of St. Agrestis. Catizone details the origins of St. Agrestis that includes a trip to Italy to taste regional amari. St. Agrestis offers four core products: St. Agrestis Negroni , Spritz , Amaro , and an Inferno Bitter Aperitivo .
    In addition, Catizone and Teeter discuss how St. Agrestis is one of the first brands to box a Negroni. Finally, Catizone explains the branding side of St. Agrestis with a primary focus on packaging and labels.
    Tune in to learn more, and visit St. Agrestis website at .
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