• These Vegetable Sides Belong at This Year's Thanksgiving Table

    11 monthes ago - By Williams Sonoma

    We know that dishes like buttery mashed potatoes, creamy gravy and rich stuffing are what Thanksgiving's all about. But if you ask us, the true sleeper hits of the meal are the vegetable sides: the little bit of nutrient-rich greenery on the table that manage to make us feel okay about the rest of the day's indulgences. Here are 16 vegetable side dishes that will add both flavor and wholesomeness to your turkey day dinner.
    Autumn Vegetables with Miso Brown Butter
    Here, root vegetables and winter squash are roasted until nicely caramelized, then tossed with brown butter flavored with white...
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  • How To Make Stuffing - The Essential Side Dish

    How To Make Stuffing - The Essential Side Dish

    11 monthes ago - By NPR

    Turkey, schmurkey - some people think stuffing, or dressing, is really what makes the Thanksgiving meal. Deb Perelman, the woman behind the blog "Smitten Kitchen" is one of them. She talks with Ari Shapiro about what she thinks makes a great stuffing.
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