• Asparagus Bundle Pasta

    10 monthes ago - By Food Gawker

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  • Nduja Carbonara Pasta

    Nduja Carbonara Pasta

    10 monthes ago - By Honest Cooking

    Take your next carbonara pasta up a notch with nduja, a soft, spicy spreadable Italian salami.
    One of my favorite aspects of Italian cuisine is its regional differences. Almost every region in Italy has its own specialties, and although some dishes are shared between adjoining areas, the cuisine from region to region is uniquely different as well. My husband's father is from Calabria, so my husband grew up enjoying food a little spicier than I did. Throughout the years of our marriage however, I grew to love adding dried chili peppers to many of our family favorites. One Calabrian...
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  • Learn Regional Pastas With YouTube's Pasta Grannies

    Learn Regional Pastas With YouTube's Pasta Grannies

    10 monthes ago - By Food Republic

    It's time to bulk up your homemade regional pasta recipes, starting with slipper-shaped scarpinocc like they make in the village of Parre in Italy's Lombardy region. Ultra-specific, right? You won't find this recipe in a pasta book, you have to learn it from the Pasta Grannies. Our favorite new YouTube channel is a wealth of tutorials on pasta varieties we've never even heard of, like pizzoccheri and casoncelli. Roll it out!
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