• How to Make Better Risotto

    11 monthes ago - By Williams Sonoma

    It's often argued that the key ingredients in making the best risotto are patience and a good stirring spoon. And while we agree, we also know that there's a bit more that goes into making the iconic Italian dish. For example, a really good broth (homemade is always ideal, but if not opt for a high-quality store-bought broth) and good Arborio or Carnaroli rice are truly the foundational ingredients for creamy risotto.
    Check out this Risotto with Fresh Corn and Basil Oil recipe or any of these recipes that are tried-and-true and sure to impress.
    Now for the tips:
    1. Use Good Cookware
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  • How to Make the Best Risotto Ever

    How to Make the Best Risotto Ever

    11 monthes ago - By Williams Sonoma

    Even among talented home cooks, the word “risotto” can produce grimaces and apprehension. The dish has a reputation for being fussy and difficult to execute well. But that's not necessarily the case, particularly if you have great seasonal produce and a great pan (such as All-Clad's copper and stainless steel saucier ). In fact, this recipe featuring fresh summer corn and bright basil oil is one of our very favorites.
    Our test kitchen cook explains how to cook a better risotto in this video featuring All-Clad's C4 Copper Cookware , but we also break down the most critical points below...
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