• Medieval crab recipes and 1723 recipes for crab with dates, ginger, pistachios

    7 monthes ago - By Researching Food History

    Nott in 1723 added all sorts of fruit, spices, nuts and veggies to 10 crab recipes: dates, grapes, oranges, barberries, gooseberries, ginger, mace, cinnamon, fennel, artichoke bottoms, asparagus, almond paste, pistachios, pine nuts, fried parsley, raw or hard egg yolks, wine, vinegar and butter.
    Two Medieval crabbe recipes simply boiled or baked the crab then served it cold with vinegar; or with cinnamon, sugar vinegar and butter upon a chaffing dish.
    Crabbe or Lopster boiled.
    Take a crabbe or a lopster, and stop him in þe vente with on hire clees, and seth him in water, and no salt; or...
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