• 25 Things to Make Your Valentine for Breakfast - Recipes from The Kitchn

    One year ago - By The Kitchn

    Celebrating Valentine's Day over breakfast can be a special thing. Even if you're getting the kids ready for school or heading out at dawn for an early work meeting, a special breakfast can still happen. You can make it even more special if lingering is possible!
    So instead of going out to dinner, start with a rosé Champagne cocktail and whip up something special like a roasted radish and herbed ricotta omelet. Or maybe it's just a really gorgeous piece of avocado toast. The point is to make a little fuss over breakfast. It's a charming way to sweeten your day.
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  • A Former Maître d' Explains Why You Should Stay Home on Valentine's Day - Valentine's Day

    One year ago - By The Kitchn

    Are you planning on going out to eat for Valentine's Day this year? You may want to reconsider. Even though a restaurant seems to be the easy, romantic option, that couldn't be further from reality. Valentine's Day is, in fact, a nightmare for everyone involved in the restaurant business.
    I've worked front of house at three high-end restaurants in New York, including one three-Michelin-star restaurant where I was head maître d'hotel. I can safely say Valentine's Day is not only the worst night to work at a restaurant, but it's also probably the worst night you can go out to eat. Let me...
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  • Raspberry White Chocolate Bars

    Raspberry White Chocolate Bars

    One year ago - By Honest Cooking

    Raspberry White Chocolate Bars are the perfect sweet to impress your Valentine this year. A classic flavor combo that is well-loved.
    Paging all romantics. The countdown is to Valentine's Day is on.
    Do y'all do dinner in or dinner out? We don't like to fight the crowds, so we like to relax at home with a nice bottle of wine, a roaring fire in the fireplace, a delicious dinner followed by a decadent dessert, and then top it all off with a good movie.
    So has anyone got a plan yet? Remember guys, an unforgettable evening needs an organized plan, so now's the perfect time to get the ball...
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  • Perfectly Festive Cocktails for Valentine's Day

    Perfectly Festive Cocktails for Valentine's Day

    One year ago - By Honest Cooking

    Whether you are hosting a girls' night or spending an evening with someone special, celebrate with these easy cocktails that are delicious and festive. Plus, they're way cheaper than going out for overpriced drinks at a super busy cocktail bar.
    Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon Hot Chocolate
    Cozy up with your honey and a mug of this spiked hot chocolate. Dark chocolate, cocoa powder and a wine with aromas of berries and notes of toasted marshmallows make for the perfect sip.
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  • Valentine's Day Menu

    Valentine's Day Menu

    One year ago - By What's Gaby Cooking

    I'm all about staying in for Valentine's Day and cooking dinner together! Here are 4 menu options depending on if you're a meat / fish / pasta or vegetarian kinda couple!
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  • Braised Chicken and Mushroom Ragu

    Braised Chicken and Mushroom Ragu

    One year ago - By Joy the Baker

    I was just sitting here thinking of the maybe one time I've gotten chocolate and flowers on Valentine's Day. If it takes more than 7 minutes to locate a possible memory like that... well, it probably hasn't happened. Ok. No problem. The beat goes on, doesn't it?
    Here's one thing I can easily locate in my memory mind, the last time I bought myself flowers - the Thursday before last. And the last time I bought myself chocolate - every time I go to the grocery store.
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  • Printable Valentine's Day Card: Blow Pop - Won't You Be My Valentine?

    One year ago - By The Kitchn

    The best part of Valentine's Day when I was a kid was making and receiving cards. I'd stay up all night with my mom and design the perfect card for my secret middle school crush. If you, like me, want to relive this sweet moment, I have an easier option for you: free, printable cards based on your favorite candy!
    This week we're sharing five cards based on different types of Valentine's Day candy. Grab a bag of this Blow Pops at your local drug store and get to work.
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