• 18th & 19th century Christmas decorating with holly and mistletoe

    6 monthes ago - By Researching Food History

    Holly and other greens not only festooned homes, taverns, churches and "Christmas sports," they also decorated plum puddings, boar's heads and other food items. Hundreds of men gathered the greens - "a-Christmasing" - often trespassing.
    A poorer version of Beeton's plum pudding , from Dickens
    The boars head 1825
    Boars head 1836
    Christmas Pie and boars head 1857
    Mistletoe c1775
    Christmas Eve - putting up the holly and mistletoe 1855
    Selling the greens 1836
    Mistletoe seller 1854
    Gathering Mistletoe 1851
    ...could be quite laborious as described in Mayhew's London Labour and the London Poor...
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