• Dirty Rice

    4 days ago - By The Best Blog Recipes

    Dirty Rice is a classic Cajun side dish packed with flavor. It cooks in one pot and can even easily be a meaty meal on its own. Dinner in under 40 minutes is what we like to hear! This rice dish is “dirty” because of the color the rice takes on from cooking with the meat and seasonings.
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  • Instant Pot Creme Brulee

    Instant Pot Creme Brulee

    4 days ago - By Food Gawker

    Classic, simple, silky, and luscious Creme Brulee couldn't be any easier with this Instant Pot Creme Brulee recipe.
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  • Simple Asian Rice - Instant Pot

    Simple Asian Rice - Instant Pot

    5 days ago - By Food Gawker

    Asian Rice Instant Pot recipe makes a saucy flavorful rice that's moist and tender and cooks in only 15 minutes.
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