• The Best Ways to Use Leftover Pumpkin Purée, According to Our Readers - Tips From The Kitchn

    5 days ago - By The Kitchn

    In an ideal world, all of our favorite pumpkin recipes would call for precisely a full can of purée, leaving us with zero leftovers. Because, let's be honest, sometimes the hardest part of cooking or baking with canned pumpkin purée is finding a tasty use for what's left over - be it a tablespoon or a cup.
    We've already shared quite a few of our own creative ways to use up leftover pumpkin purée , but now we're turning it over to our readers to share theirs.
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  • Pumpkin Fruit Leather

    Pumpkin Fruit Leather

    6 days ago - By Food Gawker

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  • The Best Way to Save Your Pumpkins from Squirrels - The Great Pumpkin

    6 days ago - By The Kitchn

    Carved or uncarved, pumpkins look great on the front porch or doorstep come October. But the gourds are, technically, food. So it's no surprise they attract critters like squirrels! And not everyone's available to sit on the stoop and shoo them away all day. Fortunately, there is an easy and cheap way to deter them - one that's probably already in your kitchen.
    It turns out, squirrels have an aversion to capsaicin, the oil that makes hot peppers taste hot. "There is some research to back this claim up," says Chelle Hartzer, Technical Services Manager at Orkin. "High doses of capsaicin...
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