• Sauteed Figs

    10 monthes ago - By Food.com: Newest recipes

    Since my mother has a very prolific fig tree, we came up with this recipe to make a yummy dessert! It's is delicious over vanilla ice cream, yogurt, or just by themselves. - posted by Cooking Doc
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  • Easy Oreo Ice Cream

    Easy Oreo Ice Cream

    10 monthes ago - By Instructables

    I've been craving Oreo ice cream lately and instead of spending money on shakes whenever I get the chance, I decided to make some Oreo ice cream. I've really been into the no churn ice cream recipe that jessyratfink shared, so I decided to just add to it to make my tasty frozen treat!Instructable 27...
    By: Penolopy Bulnick
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