• I Tracked Every Dollar I Spent For a Month - and Sh*t Got Real

    7 monthes ago - By PopSugar

    For 30 days straight, I wrote down every single dollar I spent. Yes, I know - you're thinking, "Girl, you're cray." Well, you're right. I didn't just estimate the cost or round up to the nearest cent. I meticulously snapped photos of receipts, used notes on my phone, and took videos of myself shopping.
    If I went into a coffee shop and grabbed an overpriced latte, I wrote it down. If I went into Sephora and spent $103.95 on acne scrub and exfoliating masks, I wrote it down.
    It was enlightening, it was mood-shifting, and it was just plain hard.
    Tracking your spending is like the equivalent...
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