• Join Eater's Growing Video Team

    3 years ago - By Eater

    Eater is hiring for three new positions. Want to be involved in the growing universe of Eater? The time is now. Eater is hiring for multiple key full-time positions. We're looking for a writer/host to write scripts, develop new series, and perform all manner of video duties on and off camera, an associate producer to help with packaging, and a video editor who's accustomed to working in a fast-paced environment.
    These new hires will join a small in-house team committed to making beautiful and entertaining videos about food, drinks, restaurants, bars, and restaurant life. Our video staff...
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  • Thieves Steal $43,000 Worth of Comté Cheese from French Dairy

    Thieves Steal $43,000 Worth of Comté Cheese from French Dairy

    3 years ago - By Eater

    Authorities are mystified by the crime. Earlier this week, thieves in France made off with four tonnes or just over 8,818 pounds of Comté cheese. L'Est Republican reports the theft took place in Goux-les-Usiers, a region in Doubs in Eastern France where Comté, a hard, aged cheese is produced. The cheese sells for about 40 Euros or $43 USD per pound. But the police are stumped: How will the thieves sell this cheese — which is worth more than $43,000 USD — on the black market?
    The Telegraph reports that the amount of cheese stolen mean it's likely to reach restaurants in other markets...
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  • What to Watch: Slow-Cooker Hacks on The Kitchen and the Premiere of Giada's Holiday Handbook

    What to Watch: Slow-Cooker Hacks on The Kitchen and the Premiere of Giada's Holiday Handbook

    3 years ago - By Food Network

    It's officially comfort food season, and all of the Food Network chefs are sharing their easy, cheesy and downright indulgent eats. It starts Saturday morning, when Ree Drummond is offering up tips for minimal-prep dorm room food like Waffle Maker Pizzas and Tea Kettle Noodle Soup . Next, Nancy Fuller is treating her grandkids to a feast of Honey Fried Chicken and Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox Cake . After that, the co-hosts of The Kitchen share three new slow-cooker hacks, and Amanda Freitag stops by to make her "Pork on Pork" Chops . Patricia Heaton is hosting a game-day party filled with...
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  • Sip on These Seasonal Pumpkin Cocktails Right Now

    3 years ago - By Food Network

    Hey, pumpkin spice lattes shouldn't be having all the fun. When it comes to seasonally spun drinks, your cocktails could use some of the warming, spiced vibes of the fall as well. Shake up these festive pumpkin cocktails all seasonal long and plan on them as you prep for Thanksgiving.
    Treat yourself to Sandra Lee's spirited Pumpkin Sangria , a festive drink full of fall flavors. It's a blend of wine and fruit juice, just like classic sangria, but it deviates with the addition of pumpkin pie spice, maple syrup and pumpkin spice liqueur. Stir it with a garnish of pumpkin candy-topped...
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    3 years ago - By Dash and bella

    I'm not going to tell you how thrilled I am for the comeback of high-waisted jeans.
    How many times in the past week I listened to the new Adele song.
    That I can do 15 pushups.
    I'm not going to tell you how proud I am of my son for talking shit about Trump on the playground.
    How gratifying it is to watch my kids load the dishwasher without being asked.
    How often I think of my daughter's birth: those first few moments, feeling her heart beating through her neck and fingertips and shins.
    I'm not going to tell you how motherhood is the most fulfilling experience ever.
    Instead, I'm going...
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  • Favorite dishes from Rintaro, Oro, Cadillac, Cesar and more

    Favorite dishes from Rintaro, Oro, Cadillac, Cesar and more

    3 years ago - By Inside Scoop SF

    Favorite dishes 11/06/2015

    Last week ended with an eating binge in Las Vegas. I returned late Thursday night but the next day I was back full force on my San Francisco beat.
    I checked out the Cadillac Bar & Grill at both lunch and dinner, and found it surprisingly satisfying. I also made a final visit to Oro , the subject of my review next week in the Chronicle, and then revisited Rintaro and enjoyed many of the dishes, but was most intrigued by the pork katsu that was stuffed with Cowgirl cheese.
    In Berkeley I went to Cesar, which is next door to Chez Panisse, and the food was so...
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  • 9 Copycat Recipes for Food Network Stars

    3 years ago - By Recipe Chatter

    Can't get enough Food Network? Sometimes I suspect that channel is using mind control, because I turn it on and before I know it, the whole day is gone. I am lost in this sea of amazing cooks with their perfect kitchens and mouth-watering recipes. Foodie paradise!
    Do you dream in red Food Network logos? Join the club. So many of our blogger friends find their inspiration from Food Network stars like Ree Drummund (Pioneer Woman) and show their love by making copycat recipes for their favorite recipes. The plus side of these copycat recipes is that they're usually a little bit simplified or...
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  • How To Make Hasselback Apples — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

    How To Make Hasselback Apples — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

    3 years ago - By The Kitchn

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    Meet Hasselback apples, the most impressive dessert you have to bake this fall. Crisps, crumbles, pies, and baked apples are all fine, but this is the one that really stands out in a crowd.

    Firm, sweet apples open like a fan, allowing the sweet cinnamon and brown sugar streusel to sink between each slice. Why not go all out and top this holiday-ready treat with a scoop of vanilla ice cream ?
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  • Watch the Tia Mowry at Home Premiere for the Craziest Cook-Off

    Watch the Tia Mowry at Home Premiere for the Craziest Cook-Off

    3 years ago - By Cooking Channel

    If you can't take the heat, stay out of Tia Mowry's kitchen. In the Tia Mowry at Home Season 2 premiere, she and her husband, Cory, battled it out in a fun cook-off. Each of them made a shrimp-centric entree and a totally bananas dessert — yes they included bananas — in a friendly competition to settle once and for all who is the master of their kitchen. The stakes were high, with the loser doing dishes for a whole week, and you may be surprised by who reigned supreme.
    Watch the full episode below to see their dishes and who came out on top, then get all of Tia's best recipes .

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  • At What Temperature Is Chicken Cooked'

    At What Temperature Is Chicken Cooked'

    3 years ago - By PopSugar

    While seasoned cooks may be able to tell if chicken is fully cooked by paying attention to visual cues - the flesh should be firm, and the juices should run clear when pierced - it's never a bad idea to take the temperature of your bird with an instant-read thermometer . The question then is, what temperature should the chicken be cooked to?
    The answer is a bit less straightforward than you might expect: according to Foodsafety.gov, chicken should be cooked to a minimum temperature of 165 F . That said, this is not the definitive answer; many other reputable sources recommend cooking...
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  • The Science Behind The Perfect Gooey Grilled Cheese. Food P*rn Included

    3 years ago - By Food Republic

    Thank the cheese lords for science. Now your grilled cheese creations can be the melty, gooey mess that we all know and love. The secret is to use Gouda, Gruyére or Manchego cheese. Or hell, just go ahead and use all three of them.
    According to Reactions , a video series dedicated to all things food- and chemistry-related and started by the American Chemical Society, the best melting cheeses have an acidity of pH 5.3-5.5, which includes some Roqueforts, Parmesan and Edam.
    That's just the basis of the most delicious piece of knowledge you save in your mind vault. Learn more and indulge...
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  • Shake Shack Has Never Been Hotter; The Fashion Police Found Mario Batali

    Shake Shack Has Never Been Hotter; The Fashion Police Found Mario Batali

    3 years ago - By Eater

    Plus, tracking minimum wage laws across the country. — Late yesterday Shake Shack released its third quarter earnings report , and there was much for investors to be happy about. The Shack reported a 17 percent increase in same store sales, a 67.4 percent increase in revenue, and a renewed commitment to rapid expansion. So far this year, 12 new Shake Shack locations have opened across the globe. The company expects to be in four new markets — including Southern California and Arizona — by early next year. SHAK is trading up in light of the report.
    — A new study proves something we already...
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  • Del Taco Introduces New Freshly Grilled Carne Asada

    Del Taco Introduces New Freshly Grilled Carne Asada

    3 years ago - By Restaurant News

    Satisfy the Crave for Quality Steak Now at the Drive-Thru
    Lake Forest, CA ( RestaurantNews.com ) Del Taco Restaurants, Inc. (NASDAQ: TACO) is beefing up its menu with four craveable new items featuring Carne Asada Steak fresh grilled to order in the restaurants' working kitchens. Guests will taste the difference when they bite into the new fresh grilled protein, seasoned in an authentic marinade of chilies, herbs and spices. Del Taco invites guests to try the delicious new Carne Asada Street Taco for free valid with a coupon with any purchase when they sign up for Del Taco's Raving Fan...
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  • The Condiment Graveyard: Ingredients We Thought Would Change Our Lives (But Didn't)

    The Condiment Graveyard: Ingredients We Thought Would Change Our Lives (But Didn't)

    3 years ago - By Bon Appétit

    We've all been there: You go on a rad vacation to a far-flung country or take a road trip around the Deep South. And you bring yourself back a food souvenir so you can keep the good times rolling at home. Except, that food ends up sitting in the back of your cupboard or taking up room in your fridge door, unused and untouched for months or years. Welcome to the Condiment Graveyard , where foods we endowed with high hopes and big dreams go to die, because we've never used them (and probably never will).

    The pride of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and a forgotten fridge condiment for...
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  • Make Grocery Shopping Easier with the Cooking Light Diet

    Make Grocery Shopping Easier with the Cooking Light Diet

    3 years ago - By Simmer and Boil

    We've assembled a task force of staff from our Birmingham offices to try the Cooking Light Diet for 3 months and blog about it. Here's what they're saying.
    I have two tiny kids, a full-time job, and an always-hungry Golden Retriever rescue, so when it comes to meal planning, I need easy ( plus a Costco membership for Colby's favorite dry food). I've tried meal planning services before, but they all gave me seven dinners per week.
    Wait , you say. There are seven days in a week, right? And you eat dinner for basically all of them, so what's the problem?
    You read the two tiny kids...
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  • The Dreamer Cocktail

    The Dreamer Cocktail

    3 years ago - By Imbibe Magazine

    Amaro Montenegro is a bitter, herbal Italian amaro, and more and more bartenders are using it in cocktails. This cocktail perfectly balances the bitter notes of the Italian amaro with the spice of rye and ginger, the brightness of lemon and the sweetness of Demerara syrup.
    1 oz. Amaro Montenegro
    oz. rye whiskey
    ¾ oz. fresh lemon juice
    oz. Demerara syrup
    Ginger beer
    Tools: shaker, strainer
    Glass: Collins
    Garnish: orange slice
    Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into an ice-filled Collins glass. Top with ginger beer and garnish.
    Danny Neff, Holiday Cocktail Lounge , New York City
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  • This Wine Advent Calendar Is The Best Gift You Could Give Yourself

    This Wine Advent Calendar Is The Best Gift You Could Give Yourself

    3 years ago - By PopSugar

    When my co-worker shared this idea for a wine advent calendar , I knew I had to re-create it with my own spin. The idea is simple: countdown to Christmas by opening a bottle each night. I included ornaments with numbers that you can hang on your Christmas tree if you so desire (PS - it's totally legit to save them for future seasons too). Even though a traditional advent calendar is only 24 days, I included a special bottle of Champagne for Christmas Day with a bright Santa ornament.
    Before you begin this DIY , here's what you'll need:
    25 bottles of your favorite wine (white, red, rose...
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  • What Happens When You Store Whiskey In A Decanter

    What Happens When You Store Whiskey In A Decanter

    3 years ago - By Vine Pair

    You know the scene: an important-seeming dude in a suit, or Jack Donaghy , pours himself a glass of whiskey from a crystal decanter, possibly staring out the window while contemplating a recent building-swap, or whatever business people do. Sure, he might not have made the right choices on the Nikkei that day. But what about that decanter? Is it actually a good choice for whiskey?
    Yes and no. Or more like no, and yes. Like a tattoo nobody can see, it's a choice you don't have to make, but it also can't do a ton of harm. Especially if you plan on drinking that whiskey anytime soon...
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  • One Winemaker's Quixotic Quest To Save California's Wine Industry From Climate Change

    One Winemaker's Quixotic Quest To Save California's Wine Industry From Climate Change

    3 years ago - By Vine Pair

    Photo By Christy Jarvis
    Other winemakers respect him. Wine drinkers of all levels know his brands. Journalists love him. But winemaker Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyard doesn't need any of it.
    After more than 40 years in the industry, Graham has maintained his reputation for breaking the mold. He talks like a philosopher with the soul of a scientist, but it's just as likely that we've got the two mixed up. He's chased the perfect Pinot Noir , held the 27th largest wine company in the U.S. (which is a really big deal), and advocated for the use of Rhône varietal grapes in California...
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  • There's No Heat Required For These Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars

    There's No Heat Required For These Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars

    3 years ago - By PopSugar

    The following recipe was originally featured on My Baking Addiction and written by Jamie Lothridge , who is part of POPSUGAR Select Food .
    No bake chocolate peanut butter oatmeal bars are a fantastically delicious and easy snack. That they can be made ahead of time just makes them even more amazing.
    I recently came home from a blogging trip to Jamaica. And although being in the Caribbean amongst friends was pretty great, it was the first time that I've left Elle for longer than 24 hours.
    We started out pretty strong, ya know - happy FaceTiming with a smiling baby that was thrilled to...
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  • My Favorite Pecan Pie Recipe

    My Favorite Pecan Pie Recipe

    3 years ago - By Sallys Baking Addiction

    Classic and simple with a dash of cinnamon, melted butter, and vanilla. This is my favorite pecan pie recipe for obvious reasons!
    First, I have a new post up on my photography blog this week. Come be amazed at the magnificence that are the redwoods in sunny CA. Second, I have a book signing tonight! I was in Baltimore this past Sunday, NYC this past Wednesday, and I'm in Baltimore again today. I'm often asked how I can handle all of this travel' One word: caffeine. But seriously... chatting with all of you, seeing how much you love my blog and recipes... seriously makes every single...
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  • Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

    Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

    3 years ago - By Cooking Classy

    You know you want your pie to be the first to go this Thanksgiving, so here's what you do - make this perfectly delectable, purely irresistible Vanilla Bean Cheesecake instead of pie. Yes you heard that right, take a break from the classic pie everyone makes at Thanksgiving and bring this over-the-top vanilla bean laced cheesecake instead. In my opinion it outdoes any pie, in fact it outdoes any cheesecake! This is my favorite cheesecake I've ever had and my husband said the same thing!
    It's been a while since I've had a slice of the Vanilla Bean Cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory but this...
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