• Denny's Launches New "Red, White & Bacon" Menu In Celebration Of "Independence Day: Resurgence"

    2 years ago - By Restaurant News

    Limited-time menu boasts the resurrection of America's bacon favorites in celebration of the long-awaited new film
    Spartanburg, SC ( RestaurantNews.com ) America's favorite sizzlin' side is making a comeback this spring with the introduction of Denny's new ' Red, White and Bacon ' menu. Featuring seven sweet and salty dishes, including premium ingredients such as Denny's new thick-cut Honey Jalapeño Bacon , the limited-time menu salutes the return of mouthwatering bacon flavors and celebrates the long-awaited film " Independence Day: Resurgence ," coming to theaters nationwide on June 24...
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  • Quick and Spicy Tomato SoupThe key to

    Quick and Spicy Tomato SoupThe key to

    2 years ago - By Food Network

    Recipe of the Day: Quick and Spicy Tomato Soup
    The key to cooking a tomato soup that's fast and full of flavor comes down to one ingredient: a jar of your favorite store-bought marinara sauce. Giada uses it as the base for her shortcut, top-rated recipe.
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  • White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

    White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

    2 years ago - By Obsessive Cooking

    People ask how our wedding went. Our wedding was absolutely beautiful and wonderful, but let's say there were a few exciting hiccups (nothing ever goes quite as planned)!
    We got married on a beautiful historic venue on the San Antonio Riverwalk. Since we had an outdoor gazebo garden for the ceremony, we held our breaths the week prior as the weather forecast for Monday through Friday predicted (and rained) nothing but constant thunderstorms!
    Luckily Saturday the gorgeous day couldn't have been more perfect for the ceremony. We held cocktail hour (featuring 312 beer from the local Chicago...
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  • The Absolute Best Grocery Items to Get at Costco

    The Absolute Best Grocery Items to Get at Costco

    2 years ago - By PopSugar

    A photo posted by I am Nagisa 🅾 ( yggk vw) on Mar 29, 2016 at 5:16am PDT
    Shopping at Costco can feel like a nightmare if you're not equipped with a list, and it's all too easy to get side-tracked if you don't come prepared. I asked a few members to name their go-to Costco groceries that bring on the flavor (without breaking the bank). Just remember: never go into Costco hungry, otherwise you're doomed to stock up on the craziest six-pack of something you don't need, like Fruit Roll-Ups.
    Frozen wild Alaskan salmon ($14/pound): A cheap staple to keep stocked in your freezer for a fast...
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  • This Is How All Your Favorite Chefs Make Grilled Cheese

    This Is How All Your Favorite Chefs Make Grilled Cheese

    2 years ago - By PopSugar

    Grilled cheese is one of those recipes everyone should learn how to make , but it's so much more than white bread and American cheese. Need a little inspiration? Here's how some of our favorite celebrity cooks make theirs (I personally want to try Chrissy Teigen 's ASAP).
    Alton Brown: Literally Grilled
    Alton Brown has very strong feelings about calling it "grilled" cheese when it actually isn't. In Alton's grilled cheese video , he says, "These words repesent disappintment, dishonesty, and disillusionment, because whenever people say they're gonna make you a grilled cheese sandwich, what...
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  • The Easiest Chocolate Truffle Recipe Ever

    The Easiest Chocolate Truffle Recipe Ever

    2 years ago - By PopSugar

    We are taking our beloved Oreos and turning them into a decadent truffle with this easy, no-bake recipe. Here's the best part: it only calls for three ingredients! If you're looking for more fantastic Oreo treats, check out these Oreo-packed recipes .
    From Chef in Training No-Bake Oreo Truffles Ingredients 1 package Double Stuf Oreos
    4 ounces cream cheese
    1 cup white candy melts
    In a food processor, chop up Oreos, including the frosting, until a fine crumb is reached. Save 1/4 cup of Oreos for garnish.
    In a large bowl, mix together remaining Oreos with cream cheese. It...
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  • Von Trapp Brewing Expands Distribution to Maine

    2 years ago - By Brewbound

    Stowe, Vermont — Von Trapp Brewing (vTb), founded by the family that inspired, "The Sound of Music", is pleased to present the release of their Austrian inspired lagers to the state of Maine beginning March 28th.
    The Austrian-Style Lagers are brewed with their pure Vermont spring water and the finest traditional ingredients. Following the family heritage the brewery incorporates the German Beer Purity Laws; "Reinheitsgebot" while crafting their unique lagers. vTb's current distribution footprint is Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and now Maine.
    "Maine and Vermont have a lot in...
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  • Mississippi Mud Caramel Brownies

    Mississippi Mud Caramel Brownies

    2 years ago - By Laura's THayn

    I made these brownies for my birthday. C arrot cupcakes were my main birthday treat, but I felt like I needed something chocolate too. The carrot cupcakes were amazing, but it just seems weird not to eat a chocolate dessert for my birthday. I had to have both.
    Chocolate is made from cacao Unprocessed cacao is naturally quite bitter. They are fermented to make them more palatable. The seeds are then dried and roasted. The shells are moved.
    The shells are made into cocoa nibs. The nibs are then ground into cocoa mass, which is pure, unadulterated chocolate. The cocoa mass is liquified. The...
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  • The Finer Points of Bad Behavior

    The Finer Points of Bad Behavior

    2 years ago - By Imbibe Magazine

    Pistachio orgeat lends a rich, nutty flavor to this riff on the Saturn cocktail. Make the ingredient yourself at home with this inspired recipe from Merchant in Madison.
    1 oz. navy-strength gin
    ¾ oz. rhum agricole blanc
    oz. Velvet Falernum
    oz. dark Jamaican rum
    oz. pistachio orgeat
    oz. fresh lime juice
    oz. fresh lemon juice
    oz. honey-passion fruit syrup purée mix (2:1)
    2 dashes of Bittercube Jamaica 1 Bitters (or substitute Angostura)
    1 dash of Angostura bitters
    Tools: shaker, strainer
    Glass: hurricane
    Garnish: cherry and orchid (optional)
    Combine all the ingredients and...
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  • Homemade Pistachio Orgeat

    Homemade Pistachio Orgeat

    2 years ago - By Imbibe Magazine

    Orgeat, the pale, milky-white almond syrup used to add nuttiness to tiki drinks like the classic Mai Tai, gets a modern-day makeover in this recipe from the Merchant in Madison, Wisconsin. Inspired by Dave Arnold's Any Nut Orgeat in Liquid Intelligence , Merchant introduces shelled, unsalted pistachios to the equation.
    "Pistachios add a different complexity and flavor to the syrup," says Merchant bar manager Thor Messer. "Almonds are great, but it's fun to mix it up with a different nut."
    Swap this pistachio version into any recipe calling for regular orgeat, or in Merchant's riff on the...
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  • How to Use Citric Acid in Cocktails

    How to Use Citric Acid in Cocktails

    2 years ago - By Imbibe Magazine

    Citric acid, the same acid found in lemon juice, is one of those ubiquitous ingredients on food and drink labels, and lately, it's also been popping up in cocktails as bartenders use it to mimic the flavor of citrus. At Otaku Ramen in Nashville, bartender and partner Ben Clemons says citric acid is especially useful in batched cocktails. "Punches and large-format cocktails are only good for a few hours because fresh juice, just like anything else 'living,' begins to go bad the moment it's juiced," he says. "Citric acid allows you to balance sour with sweet without using organic...
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  • Quick & Easy Chickpea Salad

    Quick & Easy Chickpea Salad

    2 years ago - By The Healthy Foodie

    You know how sometimes, you think you're not really all that big on a particular food and have no problem staying away from said food for months and even years on end. But then, for some reason, you get hit by a very sudden and uncontrollable craving for said food and you just can't seem to get over it, no matter how many times you give in to said craving.
    Lately, I've have that happen to me a lot... First, it was with peanuts, and now I appear to be going trough a similar phase with chickpeas. I'd forgotten just how much I LOVE 'em little half crunchy, half creamy, nutty legumes. Before...
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  • © The Spotted PigTravel Tuesday: Chef April Bloomfield's cozy

    © The Spotted PigTravel Tuesday: Chef April Bloomfield's cozy

    2 years ago - By Food & Wine

    © The Spotted Pig Travel Tuesday: Chef April Bloomfield's cozy New York City gastropub, The Spotted Pig, is best known for its char-grilled burger—topped with pungent roquefort cheese and served on a homemade (and also grilled!) bun—but her perfectly crisp shoestring fries are essential supporting cast members. They're super thin, but still maintain a balance of shattering outsides and creamy innards, and they're served in an enormous haystack. Here, more of the best french fries in the US .
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  • A Banquet of Unfired Food (1909)

    2 years ago - By The Old Foodie

    It was impossible to resist going back to our source of a few days ago for some more blog fodder. How could I resist a title like Unfired Foods and Hygienic Dietetics for Prophylactic Feeding and Therapeutic Feeding? As its title suggests, the book promoted raw food as a healthy eating option, and it included a significant number of recipes as well as several menus. But before we get to the details, please enjoy one of the front pages, which contained a mission statement of sorts:
    Let it be understood that this book is written for those who
    and to
    those who
    LIVE TO...
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  • Greek Grilled Chicken & Hummus Wrap

    Greek Grilled Chicken & Hummus Wrap

    2 years ago - By Cooking Classy

    Lately I've been thinking, I need more wraps in my life! I rarely make them and that needs to change. They are basically a big giant taco and I'm obsessed with tacos so they should be a regular on my menu. This Greek Chicken and Hummus Wrap is so easy to make yet it's so incredibly flavorful and delicious! I opted to go with a homemade hummus because I always have everything on hand to make hummus, but if you are looking to make these quicker you can definitely just go with your favorite store-bought hummus. Then if you are wanting to go the other route and do everything from scratch you...
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  • Try Lasagna Rolls to Change It Up

    Try Lasagna Rolls to Change It Up

    2 years ago - By PBS Food

    I was never much of a comic book reader as a kid, but I did love Garfield. As a chubby, lazy kid with a cynical sense of humor, perhaps I could relate to him on some level. Or maybe it was because we shared the same favorite food: Lasagna. It was, and still is, one of my favorite meals.

    Unfortunately, lasagna isn't one of those meals you make for one, or even two, so it hasn't been on the menu much since I moved away from home. Determined to make a more compact version, I tried a couple different approaches including making it in a loaf pan, but these individual rolls strike the perfect...
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