• Vermouth Flip

    6 monthes ago - By Imbibe Magazine

    In this vermouth flip, chocolate-infused Carpano Antica complements the herbal bitterness of Fernet, while an egg lends a rich and velvety texture-a perfect stand-in for dessert.
    1¾ oz. Cacao Nib Carpano Antica vermouth
    ¼ oz. Fernet-Branca
    ¼ oz. maple syrup 1 whole egg
    Tools: shaker, strainer, fine strainer
    Glass: wine or scotch
    Garnish: fresh nutmeg
    Combine all the ingredients in a shaker and add ice. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds, then double-strain into a chilled glass and top with freshly grated nutmeg.
    Cacao Nib Antica: Combine one 750 ml. bottle of Carpano Antica with 50 grams of...
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