• Mezcal Ancho Paloma

    10 monthes ago - By Imbibe Magazine

    The Paloma is beloved on both sides of the border, but when mezcal and Ancho Reyes come into play instead of tequila, the drink takes on new layers of smoke and spice.
    1½ oz. mezcal
    ½ oz. Ancho Reyes
    ¾ oz. fresh grapefruit juice
    ½ oz. fresh lime juice
    ¼ oz. agave nectar 2 drops salt solution
    Club soda
    Tools: shaker, strainer
    Glass: Collins
    Garnish: grapefruit wedge dipped in sal de gusano
    Combine all the ingredients except the club soda in a shaker with ice and shake until chilled. Strain into a Collins glass over ice. Top with soda and garnish.
    Andrew Hannigan, Bastion , Nashville
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