• Hemingway's Downfall

    One year ago - By Imbibe Magazine

    Inspired by the common ground between the Absinthe Frappe and Missionary's Downfall (rum, honey, lime, peach liqueur, pineapple and mint), this ice-cold slushy comes from Andy Bixby of Dram & Grain in Washington, DC. “The peach liqueur does a great job of subduing the more intense absinthe flavors, and the fresh mint both aesthetically and instinctively provides a minty green cooling effect to the cocktail, which is already super refreshing since it's served in slushy form,” he says.
    1½ oz. absinthe
    ½ oz. peach liqueur
    ¾ oz. fresh lemon juice
    ¾ oz. simple syrup
    Approximately 40 fresh...
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