• Brews You Can Use: Five of the Country's Best Tea-Infused Cocktails

    8 monthes ago - By Vine Pair

    Brett Oye, the lead bartender at BRABO in Alexandria, Va., was sipping a rooibos chai when he had a revelation.
    “I'd had chai ice cream, chai cake, even chai milkshakes, but I'd never had it in a cocktail,” Oye told VinePair. “As it turns out, chai mixes well with booze!”
    Inspired, Oye created Irish Chai, a variation on Irish Coffee infused with rooibos tea.
    Rooibos isn't the only tea that mixes well with spirits. Tea-infused cocktails are popping up nationwide. Mixologists utilize everything from Bombay chai to chamomile leaves, crafting libations with distinctive botanical notes.
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