• 101-Year-Old Veteran's Secret to Long Life Is a Daily Coors Light

    5 monthes ago - By Vine Pair

    Andrew E. Slavonic of McMurray, Penn. turned 101 years old on December 1. His secret to the long, healthy life he continues to enjoy? A daily Coors Light at 4 p.m.
    According to Fox News, Slavonic has been drinking a Coors Light daily in the afternoon for the last 15 years. Before that, it was Coors - he's been a fan of the brand since 1996.
    His son, Bob Slavonic, who lives with his father, says he introduced Andrew to the brand. “I think I am the one to blame for the switch because that is all that I have been drinking for about the past 25 years,” he told Fox News.
    Credit: wdrb.com
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