• 25 Perfectly Fitting Wine Names for Cats

    11 monthes ago - By Wine Folly

    We asked Toronto-based somm to offer up her silliest wine names for cats.
    It's no secret that city-dwelling sommeliers have a penchant for kitty-cats. Maybe it's because they purr when you stay home to study wine. Or, maybe it's because they act just as bipolar as you do when you drink. Either way, it's perfectly fitting to name your cat after something wine-related.
    Wine Names for Cats
    Pinot “Pee-no”
    Sphynx: Hairless, skinny, curious, and meant to be revered.
    Pinot : Dignified, fussy, delicious, and meant to be revered.
    Champagne “sham-pain”
    Bengal: Like a baby leopard. Rare. Expensive...
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