• Kosushi Miami's Interior Brings Traditional and Modern Together

    One year ago - By Restaurant News

    Photo credit: Studio Arthur Casas
    Designed by famed Arthur Casas, the restaurant offers a complete sensorial experience.
    Miami Beach, FL Restaurant architecture, when designed well, allows the design to not only have eye-catching components - well hung artwork, unique lighting or even a well-placed fireplace - but allows the layout, lighting and mood to shine through. And, it does not distract from the food or the conversation. Instead, a well-designed restaurant will subtly enhance these elements, providing a memorable experience for diners.
    Kosushi, the highly anticipated Japanese...
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  • Michelin Star Kosushi Coming to Miami Beach

    Michelin Star Kosushi Coming to Miami Beach

    One year ago - By Restaurant News

    Tuna Dyo Ikura Quail Egg. Photo Credit: Felipe Rau
    Where the traditional and the modern meet in Japanese cuisine
    Miami Beach, FL Kosushi, the highly successful Japanese restaurant from São Paulo, Brazil, will be opening its doors in Miami Beach's South Pointe neighborhood in July. This marks the first entry in the United States for the Michelin star-rated restaurant.
    For the past 30 years, Kosushi has garnered a well-deserved reputation due to its success in São Paulo and the signature Kosushi blend of modernity and tradition.
    In Japanese, KO means turtle and number one. “Kosushi means a...
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