• America's Great Debate: Cheez Whiz or Provolone?

    7 monthes ago - By Restaurant News

    Fans Take a Stand on the Right Way to Cheese a Cheesesteak
    Chicago, IL Prompted by the introduction of two new cheesesteaks at Potbelly Sandwich Shop , one topped with Cheez Whiz, one with provolone, people are raising their voices for what's the greatest debate on Twitter right now - even celebrities have weighed in. Is Cheez Whiz on a cheesesteak the nectar of the gods or a slap in the face to Ben Franklin? Or is provolone the only way to pure cheesesteak perfection?
    People tweeting in for Team Cheez Whiz:
    “Replace my blood with cheddar cheese whiz” - jophisboy
    “cheez wizz is so great...
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