• These 10 Holiday-Ready Cookies Are Also Gluten-Free - Recipes from The Kitchn

    One year ago - By The Kitchn

    If you follow a gluten-free diet, you may find it difficult to indulge in all the upcoming holiday cookie plates as much as you'd like. Not anymore! These days, there are plenty of delicious and festive gluten-free cookie recipes out there to build you own plate. Here are 10 of our favorites.
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  • Eat Like It's Friday Every Day: 10 Copycat TGI Friday's Recipes

    One year ago - By Recipe Chatter

    Tweet If there's one restaurant that really lives up to its name, TGI Friday's does it every time. It may be a chain, but it's got an easy-going feeling when you walk in, and you know the food is going to be good. That's probably why my parents want to go there basically all the time - they know they can count on quality food, and a reliable good-times vibe.
    TGIF's is known for roping you into several courses - their appetizers and desserts are just irresistible. Those potato skins are legendary! When your restaurant is selling appetizers in the frozen sections of grocery stores, you...
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